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Prepare your employees, customers, colleagues and...
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Breathtaking landscapes, jump and slide into crystal-clear...
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High-Ropes Garden

Targeted management training, team building for employees, as well as acquisition of personal and interpersonal skills, are just some of the exciting possibilities...
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High Rope Garden
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Outdoorcenter Kramsach

Alpinist & Outdoor Center - Your partner for cool mountain adventures!

Alpinist Mountain Guides

But there's something we always want to remain: friendly, expert partners for your personal mountaineering adventure. We aim to convey some of the excitement we still feel ourselves as we are out and about on steep ridgelines, lonely alpine trails or broad glaciers.
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Welcome to Outdoor Center Kramsach!

We are the pros for extraordinary nature experiences, on our new homepage you'll find all kinds of opportunities for outdoor adventures; big natural high-ropes garden, canyoning, rafting, mountaineering, ski touring, ATV and much more.

You're just one click away from a fantastic adventure!!

Kramsach High-Ropes Garden

Kramsach High-Ropes Garden

One day spent at the Kramsach High-Ropes Garden promises all kinds of fun and action on the one hand, along with lots of new, valuable experiences in interaction with your colleagues, employees and friends on the other.
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Canyoning in Tirol - Adrenaline & Fun in the Outdoors

Canyoning in Tirol - Adrenaline & Fun in the Outdoors.
We will follow the course of water which has cut its way through the various rock formations for thousands of years.
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Want to offer your colleagues, customers, employees and business partners an unforgettable experience? If so, there's nothing like heading out into the great outdoors to strengthen motivation and team spirit.
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High-Rope Garden Kreidl & Pumpfer OG
Claudiaplatz 9
6233 Kramsach
Austria - Tirol
+43 664 9273931